Twas the Night Before Co-op

Phil Kenkel

Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Chair


Twas the night before Co-op and all through the land

Monopoly power had gotten out of hand

The merchants were gouging the farmers at will

Raking in profits overflowing the till

The farmers laid down for a well-earned rest

When Capper and Volstead said we know what is best

All of sudden there emerged legislation

Anti-trust protection and unique taxation

Then the moon on the breast of the new fallen snow

Shined on new co-ops and helped them grow

At the first annual meeting as I turned around

Through the door the board chair came in with a bound

He made a few motions and then went straight to his task

Filling stockings with patronage both stock and cash

And lacing his fingers behind his head

He said reading the minutes is what I dread

He sprang to his truck to the board gave a shout

Threw it in gear and let the clutch out

But I heard him exclaim as he turned on a dime

Merry Co-op to all and enjoy Section 199