Youth Involvement in Cooperatives

Author: Dixie Watts Dalton, Virginia Tech,


Introduction to Youth Involvement in Cooperatives

Youth participating in a county-wide council.
Photo courtesy of Clayton County Extension, Iowa.

Cooperatives can be found in every state in the nation and in many sectors, from agriculture and finance to housing and daycare, to name just a few. Cooperatives meet needs that are currently not being met in the marketplace, from quality products and services to better prices and outstanding customer service. One audience that …

Cooperative Financing

Author: Chris Peterson, Michigan State University,


What is finance and why does it matter to cooperatives?

In the context of business firms, finance encompasses all aspects of raising and using cash and related funds for the long-run and short-run purposes of a firm. Finance includes cash management (taking in and expending cash), extending and using trade credit (accounts receivable and accounts payable), investing in long-run assets (e.g., property, plant and equipment) and short-run assets (e.g., inventory), raising funds (e.g., …