High School Cooperative Syllabus


G. McKee.

Authors: Greg McKee, North Dakota State University, gregory.mckee@ndsu.edu, and Donald Frederick, Rural Business-Cooperative Service, USDA.

Summary: This page provides links to a syllabus designed for high school teachers who are interested in informing their students about cooperatives. The syllabus is designed to accompany the Co-ops 101: An Introduction to Cooperatives“book.” Whether it be part of a social studies, Ag Ed or Ag Business class, this syllabus provides an excellent teaching structure for the topic of

CHS online co-op lessons


CHS Lessons and Test

Cooperative Fundamentals Online Lesson

This online lesson provides an excellent summary of how a cooperative works. Prepared in an easy-to-read format, the lesson is broken into sections, and each section ends with a short knowledge check. The lesson serves as a thorough preview or review for a cooperative class or lesson.

Fundamentals Test

CHS has provided this short test to go along with the online lesson above. The test consists of 12 multiple choice questions.…

Youth Involvement in Cooperatives

Author: Dixie Watts Dalton, Virginia Tech, dixie@vt.edu


Introduction to Youth Involvement in Cooperatives

Youth participating in a county-wide council.
Photo courtesy of Clayton County Extension, Iowa.

Cooperatives can be found in every state in the nation and in many sectors, from agriculture and finance to housing and daycare, to name just a few. Cooperatives meet needs that are currently not being met in the marketplace, from quality products and services to better prices and outstanding customer service. One audience that …